Why Lazerpay

Max out crypto’s potentials for your business
Integrate with Lazerpay and let your customers pay in crypto, without leaving your platform.
Why use Lazerpay
Borderless payment gateway built for you
We open your business to the world of endless possibilities with crypto. With Lazerpay, there are no locations your business can't access. Talk about borderless.
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Secure payments
Secure payments
Create an account instantly, and start accepting crypto payments for your produts and services.
Instant remittance
Receive payments from customers in minutes not days.
Seamless payouts
Withdraw funds easily into your crypto wallet or bank account.
A different approach to customer retention
Gift your loyal customers tokens and cashbacks, everytime they complete a checkout with Lazerpay. Let’s worry about payments, while you take care of providing value.
Secure payments
Lazerpay broadens your revenue sources
Your customers get rewarded with Lazerpay Tokens everytime they complete a checkout and pay with us.
Powered by blockchain
We’re on the Binance Smart Chain and polygon network. This means borderless transactions with the lowest fees.
Easy to integrate
Integrate the LazerPay API on your platform for seamless cryptocurrency transactions.
Multiple payment methods
Flexible payment options for your customers to choose from, whichever way, you get paid.
Africa’s leading businesses use Lazerpay
Lazerpay powers borderless crypto payments for some of the leading businesses and merchants.

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Take your business global with our crypto payment and business growth infrastructure.