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Techcabal24 Feburary 2022

Meet the 19-year-old Nigerian building his own blockchain empire

After Njoku Emmanuel’s father seized his laptop for “coding too much” and not facing his studies, he dropped out of school to focus on coding. 3 years later, he has become one of the best blockchain engineers of his generation, travelled the world, and now runs his own startup Lazerpay.

Techcabal11 February 2022

11 African startups to watch out for in 2022

It’s safe to say the Africa startup ecosystem came full circle last year with a record-breaking number of new innovative startups and huge investment to match it. If innovation is a reflection of economic, social, and technological advancement, then we can say the ecosystem has advanced.

Forbes1 February 2022

Serena Williams invests in Nestcoin to drive crypto adoption in Africa

Nestcoin, a company building products to help Africans and residents of other frontier markets understand and adopt crypto, announced the raise of $6.45 million in pre-seed funding on Feb. 1. Venture capital firms Distributed Global and Alter Global led the round.

Nairametrics16 November 2021

Nestcoin invests in crypto startup Lazerpay

Nestcoin, a Nigerian cryptocurrency investment firm, dedicated to building and investing in crypto-focused products just made an investment in LazerPay, a cryptocurrency payment platform that touts to be the ‘Stripe for cryptocurrency’

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