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All fingers are equal at Lazerpay. From the first-name basis to the air of ease, we work together towards our shared goal, and everyone's input is highly important.

Payment is borderless, and so is your office.

Work remotely from anywhere in the world, and stay connected to the team. Whether you're office-based Omar or work-from-home Wendy, you have a place at Lazerpay. If payments are borderless, then so is your office.

Apart from the great company culture, I've had pretty high impact projects here, and I've gotten plenty of experience working with cross functional partners.

Falola Oluwaseyi -

  Lead Product Designer

No fluff... Here’s what you get

Health Insurance

We provide you with a comprehensive medical insurance that covers a wide variety of needs

Flexible hours and location

Work from home, and from anywhere in the world

Personal Development

You grow, and so do we. Get time, and support for your self-development plans.

Periodic Leave

Take time to rest, recharge and get paid while at it

Lazer Tokens

10% of our utility tokens is allocated to our workforce that contributes to the Lazerpay ecosystem

Employee Stock Options

We give our employees an oportunity to be one of the owners of Lazerpay

How would you like to build with us?

We currently do not have open roles, but we'll absolutely love to hear from you. Send us an email: [email protected]

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