In the game of Chess, the Pawn is the least powerful character; as they get to make limited moves. However, the beauty of the game is that this same limited character can be promoted to become the most powerful character in the game — The Queen.

In the same light, with the game of chess, Tunde Onakoya and his ChessInSlums team are giving the pawns of our society the opportunity to become Queens. To make this big dream a reality, he has been raising funds from donors worldwide. But there has been one limitation.

Operating an NGO from Nigeria can be very daunting, particularly, raising funds globally due to cross-border limitations.

Cross-border payments have been a difficult challenge to overcome and donors from outside Nigeria still have difficulties donating to ChessInSlum’s humanitarian cause, thus, limiting access to funds which will go a long way in changing the lives of numerous beneficiaries of ChessInSlum’s charity.

At Lazerpay, we are continuously looking for opportunities to use technology to advance causes that impact lives at scale which is why, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with ChessInSlums as their Fundraising partner. With Lazerpay’s new Donations feature, ChessInSlums will be able to seamlessly receive donations in crypto stablecoins like USDT, USDC, BUSD and DAI from anywhere in the world and receive payouts in any chosen fiat currency of their choice.

Beyond this, Lazerpay is also proud to contribute to the race towards getting 1 million dollars raised for Chess In Slums, as such, for every donation received via Lazerpay, we will be matching it with an extra 5 dollars.

We will also be extending this partnership beyond the fundraiser to sponsor community events that ChessInSlums will be organising in the nearest future as well as yearly donations to the organisation as well.

We hope that you will also be inspired enough to check out what Tunde and the ChessInSlums team are doing and donate to their cause via this link.


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