Can you believe it? It is the last quarter already. Now is an excellent time to reflect on your achievements and how you can grow faster.

For us at the HQ, September was special! We launched Lazerpay version 2.0 (V2) to help you enjoy seamless access to your payments, get more customers to pay you, and 10x your business growth.

Don’t worry; if you’ve not met your goals for the year, you can still do that in Q4.

Grow faster with Lazerpay V2.

In case you missed it, we revamped Lazerpay as you know it. Here are a few things you can do with the new Lazerpay V2

  • Withdraw your money from crypto to your currency of choice.
  • Swap one stable coin for another in less than 60 secs. You can even try it now!
  • Transfer money to anyone on Lazerpay. Restock from suppliers quickly.
  • Sell even if you don’t have a website. All you need to do is add pictures and more details to ensure your customers know what they are paying for —along with a payment link.
  • Find out how to upsell and cross-sell so you can make more money. Get access to customer data. See your top customers and the things they buy repeatedly.

Login now to your Lazerpay dashboard to see all we have in store for you, but first, here’s a quick breakdown of the things we were up to in September:

10x Your Growth with Lazerpay

During the last edition of Lazerspaces, we showed business owners how to get paid in crypto and withdraw in their local currency.

According to Lazerpay’s Product Manager, Jennifer Ahize, and Customer Support Lead, Jeremy, we want to enable our customers to sell more and do more with their business.

Now, you can sell multiple products with your Lazerpay payment links. ​​Merchants can also see and export more details about their business, enabling them to make data-driven decisions.

Catch up on the rest of the conversation here.

On the blog

Interior Design and Cross-border Payments

In 2021, Tomi’s team secured a design project in South Africa. However, the project got delayed for months because of cross-border payment issues.

Read more to see how Spazio solved its payment problems and diversified its offerings.

Withdraw your crypto in your currency

Some six months ago, when we went live with version 1 of Lazerpay, we focused on driving global payments for businesses.

With Lazerpay version 2.0 (V2), you can now enjoy seamless access to your money and get more customers to pay you.

Read on to find out what this means for you.

Sell up to $1 trillion by 2023

Over 200 million of the 450 million internet users in Africa are regular online shoppers.

Onboarding more vendors on your eCommerce platform will help you reach these users faster.

Read this article to see how to leverage a seamless vendor onboarding process.

From the Developer Community

Forum launch announcement

As a commitment to continue building and nurturing our Developer Community, we’re excited to launch official Lazerpay forums to get all your queries answered and start new discussions with the Lazerpay team and community members. Get all your questions answered swiftly here.

From YouTube

In this video, we will walk you through the steps to fund your testnet Binance bright chain compatible wallet with tokens to test your integrations.

News From the HQ

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I bring you news from the cold city of Nairobi.

Tough if you’re coming from the hot city of Lagos and the airline manages to send your luggage to an entirely different country



Thankfully, we made it to the just concluded Seamless Conference in Nairobi.

Our CEO, Njoku Emmanuel, was also on a panel discussing how Lazerpay facilitates trade and commerce in Africa. Here are a few pictures from the session and the event.

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You can also watch the recorded panel session here.

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