This month’s roundup is different; can you tell already?

The month of August has been hectic for us at the HQ. We’ve been busy trying to push out our most significant updates, and I’m happy to tell you that something “hooge” is coming to Lazerpay. Can you guess what some of the new updates are?

It’s okay if you can’t; I’d give you some clues:

Clue 1:

More money in the bank because what’s better than money in your dashboard?

Clue 2:

A new way to display products online without a website. That already sounds too cool to be true, yeah?

Clue 3

Everything you know as the current Lazerpay, only better and better; because our users deserve only the best.

Can you now guess these clues? Reply to this email with what you think is coming, and you might win exciting gifts (Hint: Starts with an M and ends with an H).

Do work you love with clients you (actually) like

If you’ve ever wondered how other creatives charge 10x for the same quality of work you do, then you should read this to the end.

We spoke to Ijeoma Amagwula, Brand and Tech photographer, and Valerie Egbuniwe, digital creator and product specialist at Paystack, about their strategies to build their brands.

Ije and Valerie gave us all the details, from the first step to building a brand to the different ways creators can start getting recognized for their work.

Join the over 280 creators who tuned in to learn how to grow your business here.

On the blog

  1. Sell anything to anyone anywhere

As a small business owner, you can sell anything with WooCommerce. From physical products to digital products, as well as subscriptions and consultations.

Set up your online store for free now.

  1. When Arya Starr said, “Bitcoin in my wallet like this”, what type of wallet did you think she was talking about?

Read more about crypto wallets and the different types available here

Developer Community Updates 👯

  1. We’re doing this 2-minute no-bullshit survey; please fill out this quick form to help us understand crypto adoption trends globally. Thank you!

Fill out Our No-Bullshit survey.

  1. If you notice our new link in the bio (Twitter & Instagram), you’ll notice a unique URL that aggregates links from all our latest activity on the internet; you can share this link around and always find up-to-date resources here 🎉.

Lazerpay Links Here

  1. Africa Money and Defi summit is happening in Ghana on 27th-28th September 2022. If you’re around Accra and want to talk about Lazerpay there connect with us at: [email protected], and maybe we can work something out together 🤝

👑 Credits

Special shoutout to community member Ilèrí for releasing v2 of the Laravel SDK with more features and improvements.

If you’re working on any SDK for lazerpay, do let us know by filling out this form.

Well, that’s all, folks; we hope you had an excellent August and have an even better and more productive September.

Enjoy and always remember, WAGMI 🚀

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