It’s almost Father’s Day!

Dads are special. They are superheroes, just without the cape, and should be celebrated at every opportunity.

We know Father’s day comes with varying emotions. 

Whatever memory this day brings for you, we hope it helps you remember how amazing fathers are. 

With Father’s day just a day away, what better way is there to show your dad how much he means to you than gifting him unique items he’ll appreciate? 

Here are 5 gifts we selected to help you make dad feel special:

1. Send him some money for father’s day with Payday 💵

Who says no to cash? Absolutely no one. So make your dad happy by sending him some stablecoins via Payday no matter where he is in the world.

2. Send him airtime using crypto with Dire Recharge ☎️

What’s better than sending money? Sending airtime and data. Fund your Dire Recharge wallet with stablecoins and send your dad some airtime. 

You can also recharge the CableTV and buy some electricity tokens so he can watch his favourite news channel.

3. Fund his Risevest Real Estate investment plan with Crypto 🏠

Fathers invest a lot to raise their children. Now is your time to invest too.

Fund your dad’s real estate portfolio on Risevest using Crypto stablecoins now. This option is available for Risevest users outside Nigeria, which makes it a perfect gift for dads abroad. 

4. Book him a therapy session with Nguvu Health 💆‍♂️

Dads are a source of strength and support. Unfortunately society hasn’t encouraged them to also ask for support when they need it. 

Show your dad you care about his mental health by booking him a therapy session with crypto stablecoins this Father’s day. 

Finally, give him a gift money cannot buy ❤️🫂

Not every gift can be bought. Along with the gift you get your dad, call him, send him messages, spend quality time with him this Father’s day. Make memories while you can.

Risevest, DireRecharge, PayDay and Nguvu Health are all examples of businesses reaching a global audience by accepting crypto stablecoins payment. 

Learn more about Stablecoins and how they help you get paid from any part of the world. 

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