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Folasade Daini

Lazerpay May Roundup

What Happened in May? Token Swap, Dashboard Analytics, Business Edits, and much more *What happened in´ is our monthly update that highlights recent product improvements and how they help you improve your business as well as company news in general. What’s new at Lazerpay? The last time you heard...

Jennifer Ahize

Building the new Lazerpay Onboarding flow

Everything you need to know about our onboarding flow Businesses put so much effort into acquiring new users, only to lose the majority of them immediately after first use. What happens right after sign up can make or break any app (a business). To achieve a favorable outcome in retention,...

Jennifer Ahize

Lazerpay Settings Page Revamp

Pilot your account with ease with the “Settings Page” We have revamped the “Settings page” where a merchant controls how their account functions. In the first place, it was crucial to observe the pain points of users especially when it came to navigating their account controls. we observed that merchants...

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