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Barakat Olatinwo

Donations — Harnessing The power of Community for bigger causes

Big News: You can now accept Donations in crypto with Lazerpay???????? When we set out to build Lazerpay, we wanted to solve a recurring problem for businesses which is being able to access and accept payments globally while tapping into all the opportunities for growth that crypto payments potentially offers...

Barakat Olatinwo

When Pawns become Queens

In the game of Chess, the Pawn is the least powerful character; as they get to make limited moves. However, the beauty of the game is that this same limited character can be promoted to become the most powerful character in the game — The Queen. In the same light, with...

Njoku Emmanuel

Lazerpay: More than a crypto payment gateway

In August 2021, Njoku Emmanuel — co-founder at Lazerpay — wanted to donate to a charity organisation focused on tech talent. Given his deepened interaction with crypto, he chose the option of donating with crypto. Though a deduction happened, the charity never got the donation, and neither did he get a refund....

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