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Folasade Daini

Lazerpay May Roundup

What Happened in May? Token Swap, Dashboard Analytics, Business Edits, and much more *What happened in´ is our monthly update that highlights recent product improvements and how they help you improve your business as well as company news in general. What’s new at Lazerpay? The last time you heard...

Barakat Olatinwo

90 days at the Lazerpay HQ🥳

The First Quarter ended on a positive note for us at Lazerpay, and we only have our users to thank for it. Without your continued support and usage, we would not have been able to achieve any of our set goals metrics. When we went live on the 18th of...

Barakat Olatinwo

Breaking Gender Biases with Crypto

At Lazerpay, one of the questions we ask ourselves is how crypto can work for everyone regardless of gender. One of such ways is through education and particularly women’s education. Every year, the month of March is  regarded as Women’s month and 8th of March is widely celebrated...

Njoku Emmanuel

Day One

I’m happy to announce today that we’re out of Private Beta and are open to everyone who wants to go on the journey to global domination with us.

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