Whether you are a creator, an online or offline business with physical or digital goods, “products” by Lazerpay is what you need

We are excited to introduce “Products” by Lazerpay!!!

Built with the aim of exposing your businesses to a global audience, we’ve enabled our commerce stacks for creators, solo entrepreneurs, and merchants.

Now, you can add digital or physical products and attach more than one price to a product.

What does “Products” by Lazerpay mean for businesses?

As a merchant, you can now display your goods or products without having a website or writing a line of code.

You can also add and edit extensive information about the product, and multiple prices, archive a product at your discretion, and export product information as CSV for documentation purposes.

There’s no limitation to the number of products you can add to the product dashboard.

Creators and online businesses can now add their products to the payment link creation processes.

Hence, selling is creative and the showcase of products is now limitless.

Use Case: Creators

Creators are quite diverse in their offerings.

For example, a content creator who sells e-books, preset guides, re-sale of in-vogue outfits, and offers social media management services, desires to gain a global reach and feasibility in terms of payment and possess a better chance at showcasing their digital products through “Products”.

Use Case: Offline store

Say you have an offline store but need to make transactions (receiving stableCoins) with a customer from China, your customer can now view what your “goods/products” look like via the payment page.

Amazing right, we thought so as well.

How to add products

  • Open your Lazerpay dashboard
  • Click on “products”

This can be found on the side menu under the business section.

  • Create a product

Create a product easily by tapping on the create a product button for the first time or clicking on the “add a product” button if you have created products before.

You can create as many products and all will be displayed on your dashboard.

  • Upload product image

Add images of either digital or offline products, so that customers can have a better idea of what they are about to pay for.

  • Add product

The product can be added after filling in the details required in each field. After a product is added, merchants can view all information on a single page and edit them as they desire.

What’s next?

As we continue to hear from you, we’ll be sure to implement your feedback.

Our goal is to help you grow by adding more useful features to “Products” to ease your day-to-day business operations, so please leave feedback for us via our support and social channels.

Here are some of the improvements on top of our list to work on next for merchants that care about their craft:

  • Enabling multiple images for a single product
  • Enabling product variants — in size, weight, colors, etc.
  • Enabling merchants’ input quantity available
  • And nudging merchants about the low quantity of stock

Just as we are excited about merchants taking their business globally via the use of stablecoins, we look forward to improving the quality of your business and unlocking its potential.

If you have any feedback (questions or suggestions), we’d be happy to hear from you. Do send us an email at [email protected] or send us a DM on any of our social media accounts.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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