In August 2021, Njoku Emmanuel — co-founder at Lazerpay — wanted to donate to a charity organisation focused on tech talent. Given his deepened interaction with crypto, he chose the option of donating with crypto. Though a deduction happened, the charity never got the donation, and neither did he get a refund.

This experience nudged Emmanuel to build what is known as Lazerpay today. The vision is simple, to help businesses process crypto payments seamlessly and earn from the vast benefits of decentralised finance (DeFi).

After months of non-stop work from a dedicated team, we are excited to announce the launch of our beta product. Be the first to try it out. The beta product is open to African businesses alone for a start. In the coming months, we will roll out to cover more continents.

To ensure we serve you with the very best experience, we secured funding from Nestcoin — an incubator for crypto projects.

Why did we build Lazerpay?

The increased adoption of crypto evidences the need for businesses to accept crypto payments easily. But there are challenges; these range from horrible user experiences — for their customers — to bumpy exchange processes and limitations on crypto tokens they can accept.

With Lazerpay, the complexity of setting up a structure to accept crypto payments is handled entirely by us. As a business owner, you only need to set up your business on Lazerpay and choose to integrate or collect payments through your branded payment links. But that’s not all.

Lazerpay: Beyond crypto payments

Offering seamless payments is the first step, as it opens up a stream of revenue for businesses. But we also want to help businesses grow their revenues and keep their customers happy. Through decentralised finance — a system that primarily helps crypto owners invest their crypto — we will help businesses invest their revenue to earn up to 10% per annum.

That way, businesses get to set up growth funds that earn interests as they collect payments. The growth fund allows businesses invest a part of their revenue in DeFi investments in real time. Further, we also have tokens that will benefit every member of our business community.

What are Lazerpay tokens?

These tokens are a type of currency peculiar to the Lazerpay platform. As activities increase on the platform, their value increases. Various community members will own some of them, which will empower them to make critical decisions for the platform.

Further, since you can swap the tokens with other crypto or fiat money, they are valuable for rewards. We’ll systematically gift businesses with tokens to further give their customers as bonuses, cashback or discounts.

How to get on Lazerpay beta

1. Visit the early access page.

2. Enter your details

3. We’ll reach out in good time.

Don’t delay; we have just 500 beta slots! Let’s build together.

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