First, I'd like to thank you.

Some six months ago, we went live with version 1 of Lazerpay, and you chose to join us—we don't take that choice for granted.

Over that period, we focused solely on driving global payments for your business.

Today, with Lazerpay version 2.0 (V2), we have expanded that focus to ensure you enjoy seamless access to your money and get more customers to pay you.

What does this mean?

What's new with Lazerpay V2

Payouts and swaps

Say hello to crypto-to-cash payouts.

With V1, you could only withdraw to your crypto wallet, but now you can withdraw your crypto in currencies like USD, NGN, KES, UGX, and GHS.

That's not all. Are you looking to swap one stablecoin for another?

You can do that in less than 60 seconds with V2.

Amazing right? You can try it now.

Grow your purchases with…

The all-new payment link allows you to preview links before they go live and add better details to ensure your customers know exactly what they are paying for.


With V2, you get to create products—with extensive details—and associate them with payment links.

Would you be sending me a payment link soon?

The new way to sell Online

That's not all.

Today, we're also announcing the launch of Products by Lazerpay, the new way to easily display your products online without a website.

With Products, you get to upload your entire inventory on Lazerpay.

You can also attach several products to one payment link for your customer to easily make payment — in stablecoins, of course!

That's not all there is to the LazerpayV2.

So, allow me to give you to give it a spin by visiting your lazerpay dashboard and replying to this email afterwards to let me know what you think.

The new Transaction and Customer Pages

Welcome to data-backed decision-making.

Who are your top customers?

What are the details of your last ten transactions?

With the god mode updates to transaction and customer pages, you can better filter and understand your transactions and customers more clearly.

The team and I hope you find these updates helpful. To celebrate with you, please share a payment link for your business using #LazerV2, and we might surprise you by making a purchase. 😉

Crowdfunding for humanity has never been this easy. With the new donation link, you can collect a donor's phone number and personalize the confirmation messages they get after donating.

The New onboarding and compliance

While Crypto regulations remain a grey area worldwide, we have decided to innovate ahead of the curve by ensuring our platform remains safe for our users.

Hence, we have introduced a certain level of KYC process to be done by users at the point of onboarding.

This is so we can vouch for every user's identity and ensure that bad actors aren't using Lazerpay.

We hope you continue to feel safe and protected while using Lazerpay to grow your business.

User Management and the new Teams Feature

One of the most frequent feedback was that one person is not running a business. As such, there's a need for several members of a team to be able to access and manage one single user account.

As such, we created teams feature to enable teams to use one Lazerpay account to manage everything relating to their business.

Different team members can also have different access levels, and team members can be added and removed based on the account manager's discretion.

We can't wait to see how you and your team members use this feature for good!

It's only day one on the journey to global domination, and we're glad you've chosen to go on this journey with us.

Thank you for using Lazerpay, and cheers to 10-xing your growth


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