Pilot your account with ease with the “Settings Page”

We have revamped the “Settings page” where a merchant controls how their account functions.

In the first place, it was crucial to observe the pain points of users especially when it came to navigating their account controls. we observed that merchants were having difficulty in locating their business details or payout address either because it was hidden or far apart from the general settings page.

This drove the need to improve the User Interface by bringing them all together in one page and ensuring visibility and clarity when a merchant needs to perform any setup or filling of information to improve User Experience.

To achieve this, we needed to replicate the designs pixel to pixel (from field to tone to usability etc.), enabling the delete action through multi-selection and editing a particular address, and more needed to be done to place more power on the merchant control and save their time.

With the new settings page, merchants can now;

  • Set up Transaction Receipts

Decide if receipts should be sent to customers or their business email.

  • View Acceptable Coins

As a merchant, you get to decide which of the stable coins accepted by Lazerpay best suits your business.

  • Create Crypto Wallet Addresses

If you own more than one crypto wallet address, then this is for you. Not only can you create multiple crypto wallets addresses, but you can also save one as the default address for payouts.

  • Update Your Business Details

You can update your business information at any time after activating your account.

  • Update Your Personal Information

Your details can be updated at any time from the improved Settings page.

  • View API Keys and Webhook

You can copy your Webhook endpoints and API keys for integrating the payment gateway into your platform easily from the new Settings page.

With these additions, we have made the product usage more transparent and robust. Take charge of your business payments like never before.

Welcome to the new Lazerpay. See you at the top!

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