Since the launch of our developer community, we’ve been thinking about ways to increase ownership in the Lazerpay developer ecosystem.

This is why, today, we’re announcing the launch of the new version of the Lazerpay Developer Documentation.

What’s new? You ask.

The new Lazerpay Developer Documentation is Open Source and free to anyone to contribute, provided they follow the guidelines.

Blockchain technology, which is the basis of decentralized finance, is open-source at its core.

Open-sourcing our developer documentation is only the first step towards making sure that we’re truly decentralised in our approach to building blockchain-powered products.

As a developer, you’re a decision-maker with respect to building products.

We look forward to getting as many developers as possible to learn how to use Lazerpay’s infrastructure.

We’re certain this will also improve the number and quality of blockchain use cases being built.

You’ll agree we cannot create guides for everything alone. Hence, the better we come together to make the documentation, the easier it is for anyone to tap into Lazerpay’s Infrastructure.

We´re really enthusiastic about this and want you to join us to build as many solutions as possible with Lazerpay’s Infrastructure.

Are you a developer, engineer, designer, or product manager? Here’s your chance to become a contributor to the Lazerpay Developer Documentation today.

Gain Credibility by Contributing to the Lazerpay Developer Documentation

To start contributing to our developer documentation, please visit our Developer Documentation Github Repository.

We have a list of well-documented issues that need fixing.

To participate:

  • Pick an issue you want to work on. It could be a bug report issue to fix bugs on existing features or a feature implementation issue to create new features.
  • Write a well-detailed situation report, work on it and test to make sure everything is working. When you’re done, create a push request to the public repo.
  • Once you push, the developer documentation community will review those PRs. You become a contributor immediately after the PR is reviewed and merged.

Anyone can create an issue on GitHub as well using the already documented procedure. There’s a pull request template there to be followed if your PR is to be accepted and merged.

Perks of becoming a contributor

When you become a Contributor to the Lazerpay Developer Documentation, you stand a chance of getting endless recognition for your work.

You also get first dibs on news about hiring, hackathons, developer community events, swags and token rewards.

Start contributing today.


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