Big news: Today, we’re excited to launch the Lazerpay Developer Community!!!

You may not know, but Abraham Maslov was the first person to write a list of what we need to make it.

On that list, you’ll find basic things needed to survive —oxygen, food and water.

Guess what you’d also find? Community and belonging; the need to connect with other humans.

This is why, today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Lazerpay Developer community 🎊🎊.

On why we are launching this initiative today, Njoku Emmanuel, the CEO of Lazerpay commented,

“At Lazerpay, our big vision is creating more use-cases and utilities for crypto with blockchain-powered payments at the core.

As a result, we need more hands to join us in building crypto solutions that are needed to make the vision a reality.

The launch of the Lazerpay Developer Community is one step in the right direction at empowering builders, particularly developers with the tools and resources needed to build a world where everyone can truly participate through decentralization.”


Njoku Emmanuel, CEO Lazerpay

We hope to provide a platform where you can create, meet with and learn from other developers who have built and will be building communities, products, and applications with our infrastructure.

We’re incredibly grateful to developers who have been creating tools and open-sourcing them.

They’ve made it easier for other developers to build with Lazerpay and we plan to continue to connect and empower them globally, in-person and online.

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing a series of events both virtual and physical, hackathons, and build-a-thons for members of the community to participate in.

We’ll also be making it easier for members of our community to contribute to our documentation Open source style.

That’s not all. As a member of the Lazerpay developer community, you’ll get exclusive access to free tutorials, how-tos, and guides for using Lazerpay’s APIs and API documentation.

We also look forward to learning from the resources you’ll create as a member of the developer community.

Are you passionate about building blockchain-enabled products, DApps, etc?

If yes? Then you’re well on your way to becoming a member of the tribe that is making crypto solutions accessible to everyone.

Simply click this link to join the community. We’re definitely all going to make it 🚀.


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