Payment links on the Lazerpay platform are copyable URLs that you can send directly to your customers through which they can make payments to you in their local currency while you receive the equivalent value in your preferred cryptocurrency or stablecoins.

  • Log in to your LazerPay dashboard.
  • On the left side of your screen, click on “Payment Link” located in the Tools section.
  • On the Payment Links screen, click on the “+ create payment link” button
  • Tap the “Add Link” > “Create Link” button
  • Click on “Standard Link
  • Select “One-Time Link
  • Fill in the following details:
  • Link Title: This is the name of your link e.g “Training Book”
  • Link Description: This is a small paragraph on what the payment is for e.g “$50 Payment for Training Book”
  • Next, you can upload your brand logo/image, and fill in the expected amount. You can also input your website URL to redirect your customer to your website after payment.

Note: You can leave these boxes blank to allow your customer input the amount they want to pay or if you do not have a business logo.

  • Click on Next
  • Voila! Your payment link has been created successfully. Simply hit the “Copy” button to share your unique payment link with the customer(s).
  • Tap the “Close” button to go back to your Lazerpay dashboard.

You can view all the details for every payment link you generate by clicking on the “Payment Link” button on your Lazerpay dashboard as seen below.

You can now create and share payment links with anyone anywhere in the world with our simple copy-and-paste function.

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