In an increasingly fast-paced world of online marketplaces, there is no doubt that the attention span of the average customer has significantly dropped compared to say, a decade ago.

For small businesses and individuals who sell products and services on the interwebs, it is crucial to find a way to pass across the value proposition of your product within the shortest time possible. 

This must be done quickly and clearly and in many cases, the quickness and clarity of communication can be the difference between an abandoned cart and a successful sale. 

As a merchant, it is imperative that you keep up with the times and this ties in directly to how your customers can pay you for your services. 

Whether you’re a fan of crypto, on the fence, or you flat out don’t understand how it works, chances are your customers do. 

Generally, transactions are easier to conduct with cryptocurrencies due to decentralized nature on which they’re built on. 

Unlike banks which don’t open on the weekends, crypto allows you to make payments – even worth millions of dollars – with as low as a fee of $30 (or even lower). That is simply incredible. 

To cater to the tastes of your current customer base and also expand your offerings to accommodate different payment methods, it is a no-brainer in this day and age to accept business payments via Crypto.

If you are one of such merchants who has already integrated a crypto payment option for their business, you are on the right side of history. 

But it can be tough to get customers to pay in crypto rather than fiat, especially if your customer base have previously conducted transactions via other means. 

So, how do you get your customers to take action and improve your sales (or even sales via crypto payments)

How To Get Your Customers To Pay In Crypto

For the purpose of this article, we will focus on the Lazerpay platform. This is because Lazerpay as a crypto payment gateway is designed to not only improve ease of business for merchants but also customers.

Employing A System That Breeds Trust

This is evident in how the Lazerpay payment link works. The Lazerpay payment link is a copyable URL that can be generated by the merchant and shared with a customer on Whatsapp, Telegram, or literally anywhere.

A simple “generate link – copy – paste – get paid” format means customers simply click a link, input their preferred amount, and the merchant receives payment in seconds.

For merchants that run physical businesses, Lazerpay provides scannable QR codes that can also be printed.

When a customer walks in your shop and makes a selection, all they need to do is whip out their phone, open their favorite crypto wallet, and scan your QR code.

Voila! Payment is made.

Knowing you can walk into any store, scan a code to make payment without worrying about bad network, failed transfers, or fake debit alerts breeds trust between the merchant and the customer.

Token Rewards

Tokens are getting mainstream adoption and offering your customers tokens for purchasing your product and paying you via Lazerpay is another way to encourage your customers to pay for your services in crypto.

The $LAZER token is backed by Lazerpay the company. This means that as merchants, you can get tokens for conducting transactions on the platform.

A good way to incentivize your customers is by sharing some of these tokens with them. Tokens can be used to trigger discounts or even purchase items on the Lazerpay network.

As its value increases, customers are basically getting money back for buying products from you.

There is no limit to how creative these tokens can be applied and you can be assured of a great reception by your customers if you implement this strategy.

Direct Discounts

This is the easiest move in the customer acquisition playbook. It is common knowledge that customers will flock to where they can get a dollar or two shaved off their bill.

The popularity of discounts is rooted in the simple fact that it works. Make your customers feel extra special by giving discounts on crypto payments.

3% – 5% discounts on the total bill is a great way to conduct your discounting promotion.

A combination of these simple strategies can go a long way in helping your business get more sales, and expand its customer base globally, while also promoting you as a forward-thinking company.

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