Big News: You can now accept Donations in crypto with Lazerpay????????

When we set out to build Lazerpay, we wanted to solve a recurring problem for businesses which is being able to access and accept payments globally while tapping into all the opportunities for growth that crypto payments potentially offers their business.

A big part of our building process is based on feedback and one of the most important feedbacks we got was how to potentially harness the power of crypto to empower humanitarian efforts.

This is why today, we are proud to announce the launch of Donations using Lazerpay????.

With our Donations feature, NGOs, charity bodies, and other selfless individuals will be able to raise funds globally for humanitarian causes without fear of limitations that traditional banks pose for crowdfunding.

Local charity causes no longer have to worry about accessing the international community of donors as crowdfunding is now going to be global. With the Donations feature, no matter where you are, you can donate to a worthy cause through crypto.

To get started with the Donations feature,

  1. Sign up on Lazerpay
  2. Complete your Account registration.
  3. Click the payment links button on your dashboard
  4. Click the Donation Link button
  5. Add the details of your donation project.
  6. Set up a donations link/page

And voila! Now your donations link is live and you can continue crowdfunding????.

We hope that this inspires you to donate to a cause today. Remember, “ I am because we are”.

We can only know true success when we embody causes that are greater than ourselves and we at Lazerpay have never been more proud to truly empower growth like this.

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