When we started this journey, we didn’t envisage how much work it would take. We all know that building a quality product takes time and this is exactly what we have done. For the past three months, the team has worked tirelessly to make sure that Lazerpay does the job of enabling you to be able to get paid in Crypto. I’m happy to announce today that we’re out of Private Beta and are open to everyone who wants to go on the journey to global domination with us.

In that time, we have built and rebuilt the Lazerpay product and added features that make it seamless for you to take your business global with Payment solutions built specifically for you and with you in mind.

What’s New?

1. Donations Link Feature:

While in Private Beta, we released the new donation link feature to enable people to crowdfund easily for charitable causes that mean a lot to them.

2. Onboarding:

We’ve implemented a new onboarding flow to make it easier for you to sign up to receive payments globally. It’s intuitive and as easy as ABC.

3. KYC:

As an added layer of security, we’ve implemented KYC to make certain that everyone who signs up on Lazerpay is exactly who they say they are and we don’t encounter cases of stolen identities.

Additionally, We have rebuilt our website to make sure that our value offering is simple enough for everyone to understand – simplifying payments and making it easy for everyone to build a global business.

We have also rebranded to make sure you can easily identify with our brand and offering. Our Logo was changed as well our brand identity to reflect our value better and you can check that out here

This is only day one and I am happy to invite you to go on this journey with us.


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