Lazerpay commerce aims to enable global merchants to sell creatively whilst reaching a wider audience

At Lazerpay, our goal is to make it easy for everyone to accept crypto stablecoins payments from any part of the world.

To be a driving force in the adoption of crypto by building use cases that will directly impact the everyday lives of people.

Hence, with the aim of driving crypto adoption, we introduce to you Lazerpay Commerce.

Why Lazerpay Commerce?

The adoption of digital assets or crypto is occurring across many segments of commerce at a steady and fast pace globally.

In Europe and other parts of the world, crypto payments power commerce operations.

Further research shows that 24.7% of the young adults who hold cryptocurrency make purchases using cryptocurrency.

The potential increase in Africa would be enormous when it comes to e-commerce.

With more e-commerce platforms adopting crypto payments, merchants now have access to a wider consumer reach globally.

This allows local businesses to tap into new markets. Introducing Lazerpay commerce will allow merchants to gain a competitive advantage.

Lazerpay’s product manager Jennifer Ahize comments,

“Lazerpay commerce was borne out of the need to make business sell more and creatively whilst their customers enjoy payment experience.”

Introducing Lazerpay commerce

We present you a part of our vision in making sure everyone has access to crypto payments in their day-to-day operations; a full stack of commerce tool kits for merchants: “Lazerpay commerce”.

The Lazerpay commerce full-stack tool comprises Payment pages, Pricing, Customers, Transactions, Payment links, and buttons, as well as invoicing which is coming soon.

As we keep listening to merchants and making our research, this stack of tools for your business will keep improving and iterating. We believe that every merchant has the right to access the best tools to scale their business and we are on a mission to make that possible.

What can I do with these stack tools?

Are you a starter or a registered business? Below is what the commerce features mean for your business when you sign up

  • Payment links:  You can now receive funds by creating links that showcase your products like you own a website and get crypto donated via your donation link in a flash.
  • Transaction and customers: Seize the power to make your business more data-driven as you can view more information about a customer and their transactions.
  • Product: Get on the right train with Lazerpay as we provide creators the means to add products to sell.  You can create a number of products today and sell them beautifully.
  • Payment page: your customers are given diverse options to make their closing off a transaction smoother. They get to see the product they are paying for, subtotal, more detailed descriptions about the product, and more.

Jump-start your business by using Lazerpay programmatically

View our documentation and get started by integrating with our APIs to automate operations. As always, kindly let us know by clicking here  or sending an email to [email protected] if you have questions or feedback---we would love to hear from you

Be one step ahead with Lazerpay Commerce

As we collectively and consistently build a suite of products to help businesses gain stronger chances in the market, sign up to enjoy quality in commerce operations via crypto payment with Lazerpay

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