Merchants, Online creators, and E-commerce vendors.

The number of people who belong to these demographics keep increasing daily.

According to a 2022 report by SignalFire, being a creator has become the fastest-growing type of small business.

Despite being a fast-paced, global economy, many online merchants find it difficult to receive payments from their global audience, especially merchants in Africa and the Middle East.

Even if you used a third-party remittance app to get the money, you'd have lost at least 30% in fees by the time it gets into your bank account.

Also, you need to consider the constant currency devaluation that generally affects fiat currencies.

While access to the internet has decentralised media and its consumption, getting paid isn't yet as decentralised.

Lazerpay comes in here. Our goal is to empower African businesses, especially creators and internet merchants, to become global through crypto-backed payment processing options.

According to Lazerpay's CEO, Njoku Emmanuel,

"Lazerpay is on a mission to connect Africa and create interoperability between regions. Payouts is a step in the direction of solving these global payment issues.

We believe that if payment is broken, commerce is broken. For commerce to thrive, Payments has to work."

Lazerpay launched payouts to enable businesses and merchants to receive payments in their local bank accounts and pay suppliers and vendors globally.

Hence, we've been exploring ways to empower platforms supporting African creatives to become crypto-enabled," Njoku concluded.

Announcing Payouts by Lazerpay

Here's what Amara Uyana, the COO at Lazerpay, had to say about the launch of Global Payouts;

"Cross-border payments are burdensome across Africa, and a similar situation exists in the Middle East.

At Lazerpay, we believe in the premise of cryptocurrencies - fast, secure, digitally transferrable money with reduced transaction fees.

That said, we only deal in stablecoins because we must protect our customers from the volatility that can accompany the other cryptos."

Enabling people to earn in a USD equivalent exponentially increases their earning possibilities. Our payment Links and pages equip SMEs, individual freelancers, etc., to key into the global market.

We ultimately want to see more crypto adoption on the continent, so we're trying to demystify crypto by enabling increased utility in people's everyday lives.

Payouts by Lazerpay is bridging the gap between crypto & fiat using a well-designed user-centric product. We worked with external partners to beta test extensively for this launch, and we're excited to open this up to the public."

This journey has been exciting for us at Lazerpay, and we look forward to empowering other platforms with the power of crypto.

Lazerpay is building financial infrastructure that can support both web2 & web3 solutions, and we look forward to feedback from new partners who try our Payouts.

To get started with Global Payouts by Lazerpay, create a Lazerpay account, complete your sign-up and compliance processes to begin getting paid globally!

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