Payment Link Revamp

Building the future of payments is a never-ending process and this reflects in how seriously we take providing the best experience for our customers and their businesses. This is why we embarked on the journey to rebuild our payment links feature to make it easier to use for businesses.

To make payments inclusive for businesses that don’t have the capacity for technical integrations, we have now included a shareable QR code system that can be printed or downloaded physically by the merchants for ease of use. Asides from taking away the technical hurdle, with these QR codes, businesses can now accept crypto payments via their QR codes as well or share their payment links.

Imagine walking to a store, and they share a payment link to complete your purchase? That awkwardness that played out in your head, we are ensuring no business faces that because they choose to use Lazerpay.

Previously, the payments links system was built on regular HTML, and to be able to implement some functionalities, we headed the pathway to port to NEXTJS.

Furthermore by implementing the QR code option, businesses can now:


Certain businesses have exact prices for their products while others have negotiable pricing. By leaving the amount input optional, when a price has been negotiated, the QR code can be scanned and the exact amount as at the agreed time can be paid by the customer and then confirmed by the merchant through their Lazerpay dashboard.


Merchants or vendors can now use one link in regards to one product for all customers and make confirmation of payments via their dashboard

We decided to use a library to display the QR code, and to be able to implement the download functionality, a custom code needed to be built to interact with the DOM. This was used to detect the component “QR code” the user wants to download and when they want to download.

Accepting crypto payments instantly with the improved Payment Link feature

(How Does It Work)

  • Create a payment link

The payment link can be used to sell products or services (online or physically), and receive donations.

  • Print the QR code or share the link

The payment link can be embedded, printed, or downloaded in a QR code format to enable ease for your customers. or shared in URL format depending on what you prefer.

  • Confirm payments

Merchants can use their dashboard to confirm payments have been received or deposited into their wallets.

The goal is to keep building relentlessly for your business to scale beyond and more and we remain committed to doing this.

As always, thank you for choosing Lazerpay. See you at the top!

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