Merchants can now make better decisions about their business while penetrating the global market

Data-based decisions help businesses grow.

Research has shown relying solely on instincts to make business decisions is a chief reason small businesses fail.

As a Lazerpay merchant, you won't have to make guess-based decisions. You can now use data to make better decisions for your business.

Do more with our improved transaction and customer business tool, viewing in-depth information that can scale your business.


Say hello to Transactions and Customers insights.

Previously, merchants could only view basic information like amount, status on the transaction, wallet address, date transaction took place, and reference ID.

That information was not detailed enough to make informed business decisions. This is why we redesigned our user interface system by eliminating pop-up modals.

Now, you have access to more information that would steer business decisions in the right direction and improve your experience on the dashboard.

Most importantly, you can now filter and export details you want to see.

See more with customer insights.

To steer your business towards success, our revamped customer page helps merchants understand their customer's purchase behavior and why they buy.

Chieflyorganizationon is vital——you can now view all transactions performed by the same person in one location using their `email addresses as a unique identifier.

Even more, narrow your search either by filtering or searching directly by letters or words in names or email addresses.

Manage transactions

The transaction page improvement allows merchants to filter transactions by their statutes, export desired information, and search by transaction type.

In addition, you can now view extensive details like product summaries, order details, payment details, and download receipts at their convenience.

Beyond this…

We would love to hear from you. Help us see how you leverage these features while we add some initiatives stated below to make your business better:

  • List customers

Soon, merchants will be able to blacklist and whitelist customers.

This is for cases where businesses' terms & conditions are violated.

Listing would only be approved upon specified reasons stated.

  • Customers location

Know where to channel your marketing efforts by gathering data on what location or landmark payments are being made by your customers.

  • Type of customers

Get a visual outlook on customers who have made transactions or done business with you over time. This analytics lets you view top, new, and returning customers. All these and more to come your way 🚀

Watch your business grow one customer at a time in a diverse market space. As always, we are excited to hear your feedback.


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