Lazerpay is on a mission to make blockchain powered payments and utilities mainstream and we understand we cannot achieve this mission  without the help of active developers in the ecosystem, that’s why in June we announced our Developer community.

While we still continue to build on our promises, we’re really happy to launch official Lazerpay forums ( a place to get all your queries answered and also start new discussions with the Lazerpay team and community members. Here you will get hands-on community support, start new discussion threads, and share upcoming events, projects you're working on, as well as  SDKs that you've created.  You will get answers and feedback from real people. We can’t wait to see you using it.

Bonus point: Since everyone in our team spends time on forums, your queries will be resolved better and faster. We can’t wait for you to try this and make this your community playground.

We also understand the value of good and thorough documentation to build robust SDKs and that’s why we take it seriously. You can find our interactive docs here and API specifications on Postman.

On Our Github, you can find our official SDKs and to make this and more new information handy you can always use :

On community contributed Developer SDK front we currently have following community  SDKs:

Python :

Golang :

Kotlin :

PHP and Laravel :

If you’re using any SDK, do share your feedback on our forums and official slack developer group and If you’re working on any SDK for Lazerpay, do let us know by filling out this form .

We’re truly grateful and appreciate your contributions 💙.

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