You can now create Payment links with APIs.

As part of our efforts at enabling merchants to build global businesses, we have now enabled merchants to be able to create payment links programmatically.

Building for businesses to scale requires being unorthodox with problem-solving.

One of our users’ top requests for Payment Links has been the ability to create links programmatically With the new Lazerpay Payment Links API, you can create payment links at scale to automate previously manual operations.

  1. Platforms and marketplaces can also use the API to let customers generate easy-to-share links from within their own dashboards, enabling them to collect payments in stable coins.

  2. Using the APIs and our Javascript library, businesses can now disable and enable their Payment links programmatically.

Getting started

To get started, sign up on Lazerpay and get your API keys on the settings section of the dashboard, and now,  you create payment links programmatically using the guide on the  JS SDK and API.

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