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Jeremy Bello

Improve Employee Productivity with Lazerpay Teams

Running a company or managing a team, while fulfilling, is a very tasking job and it can often feel like you are being pulled in multiple directions at the same time. At Lazerpay, it has always been our priority to provide businesses and business owners with products that make life...

Barakat Olatinwo

What Happened in August

This month’s roundup is different; can you tell already? The month of August has been hectic for us at the HQ. We’ve been busy trying to push out our most significant updates, and I’m happy to tell you that something “hooge” is coming to Lazerpay. Can you...

Barakat Olatinwo

What happened in September

Can you believe it? It is the last quarter already. Now is an excellent time to reflect on your achievements and how you can grow faster. For us at the HQ, September was special! We launched Lazerpay version 2.0 (V2) to help you enjoy seamless access to your payments,...

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