The First Quarter ended on a positive note for us at Lazerpay, and we only have our users to thank for it. Without your continued support and usage, we would not have been able to achieve any of our set goals metrics.

When we went live on the 18th of February, we knew we wanted to solve a recurring problem hampering the growth of African businesses. 

Since the time we launched, we have been able to onboard about 1000 businesses and process a little over a hundred thousand dollars in transaction volume.

With our APIs and Payment buttons, we have partnered with startups like BetDemand and Payday to accept payments globally with crypto.

We have also partnered with some NGOs whose work we found impactful and life-changing and deemed worthy of amplification. ChessInSlums and SheCodeAfrica are two such Not-for-profit organizations we’re proud to have supported and are still supporting to reach new frontiers via crypto donations using the Lazerpay Donation Link

What’s New with Lazerpay

Refixing onboarding: When we first launched, people were spending an average of 10 minutes getting signed up. We knew there was a problem and we fixed it.  Read more about the process here.

Update passwords: Businesses can now update their account passwords from the settings page of their dashboard.

Amount Optionality: Merchants can now create payment links with no amount declared so that their customers can input the amount of money they want to pay. This also provides support for partial payments which are also supported by Lazerpay.

Settings page revamp: We have revamped the settings page so that merchants can easily access some settings by themselves via the dashboard.  Read more about the revamp here

Programatically create Payment links via APIS: Before now, payment links could only be created by Merchants from the dashboards. Now, we have made it possible for payment links to be created with our APIs. Read on here

Scan-to-pay QR codes for payment links: Merchants can now easily share their payment links as QR codes that are automatically created alongside the links, this will make it easier for merchants to share and even display their Lazerpay payment links in physical stores.

Activate and deactivate payment links: Lazerpay merchants can now activate and deactivate payment links as they prefer via their Lazerpay dashboard.

Updates from the HQ

In February, some Lazers embarked on a trip to Kenya where members of the team showcased Lazerpay to the world at the African Fintech Summit.

Our staff strength has also grown considerably but we’re on the lookout for some new Lazers and that just might be you.

A Product Marketing Associate to help translate our core business focus to shareable content.

We are looking for a Head of Risk and Compliance to bootstrap Lazerpay’s Compliance team, initially undertaking all risk, compliance, and regulatory activities.

What to expect in the coming days

Checkout 2.0: Simplifying the Lazerpay checkout so that your customers will find it easier to pay you via Lazerpay is at the fore of our focus this new quarter. 

 Addition of more blockchain networks: Currently, we only support and process payments through the BEP-20 network. We’re aware of its limitations and are currently looking to onboard more blockchain networks for ease of payment as well as faster transactions processing time

Bank Payouts: What’s better than Money on your Lazerpay dashboard? Money in the bank. We’re currently in the process of making it easy for you as a Lazerpay merchant to get your earnings settled in a bank account of your choosing at the end of the day.

Launching Developer Communities: We are aware that APIs are largely consumed by devs and are excited to support the building of more platforms on the Lazerpay architecture, this is why we will be launching developer communities soon. Be on the lookout for more news about this!

We are certainly excited about all the possibilities we’re yet to even unravel as we continue to build the future of payment and commerce for businesses. I am proud to invite you to join us on this journey if you haven’t already. Visit today to sign up and get started. 

Till you get sent another update at the end of Q2.

Keep Building 💪🏽,

Team Lazerpay.

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